My Furry Friends Need Help…

I have been lucky to be spared from all the flooding that has happened over The Philippines the past few days so I really want to help my other furry friends who are in dire need of basic necessities while they all recover from this monsoon calamity.

Please help…

You may also read more about this monsoon from Mommy’s blog – click here.


Daddy’s Birthday :)

Last May 5 (one week after my birthday – read Mommy’s post on my birthday here) was my Daddy‘s birthday 🙂

Birthdays are happy celebrations for my family.  Happy celebrations would mean, time together!  So for Daddy’s birthday, off we went to one of my favorite places, Bonifacio High Street 🙂

Here’s a photo of me when Mommy and Daddy had their lunch date in Aria, BHS Central.  Even if they didn’t allow me inside, they provided me with a BIG BIG bowl of water.  I could have swam inside the bowl if I wanted to.  Haha!

Since it was too hot to stay outdoors, we decided to relax inside my favorite coffee shop, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (thank you for still allowing me inside).

We waited for Mr. Sun to cool down a bit and decided to check out the new park in the area. 🙂

Our stroll in the park was a pleasant one.  The park was soooo clean and I’m glad they allowed me to walk around as well. 🙂  I even met a new friend, Mr. Chameleon.  Well, he stared down at me and I just stared back.  Ha!  He thought I’d be frightened, but sorry Mr. Chameleon, size doesn’t matter for Little Me :p

I was so happy as I was able to spend the whole day with my family.  I hope Daddy had a great time as well as it’s his birthday 🙂  Happy Birthday Daddy!  🙂

Ps. You can read Mommy’s post of Daddy’s birthday here.

Enjoying My Nylabone

One of the things I enjoy when there’s nothing else better to do 🙂


I love my Nylabone 🙂

Cars and Bright Lights!

Two weekends ago, Mommy, Daddy and I went to see the 4th Sea-Expo Philippines at One Esplanade (Yes, I was allowed inside!  Thanks to the organizers!  I hope they’ll allow me in again next year!)

On the way home, while stuck in traffic, Daddy allowed me to look outside the window (with the windows open)!  Wheeeee!  Cars, bright lights and the cool evening breeze on my face!  Happiness!


Lazy Rainy Tuesday Morning

I’m usually up by 7am as it is time for breakfast, afterwhich I go out to the deck with my sister, Chicklet, for us to catch some sun. But since it was raining this morning, after breakfast, I went straight back to Mommy and Daddy‘s room to go back to dreamland 🙂

It was such a lazy morning. Perfect for just staying in bed and sleepzzzz… Perfect bed weather… ❤


2012 Pre-Valentine Weekend <3

How time flies!

Remember my blog post last year on my pre-valentine weekend? Well, it’s v-day once again in a few days and here I am with Mommy and Daddy, spending our pre-valentine weekend in Pancake House, Eastwood 🙂 — again 🙂


How are you spending your pre-valentine weekend? What are your plans for the 14th? Whatever it is, may you have a great time with your loved ones!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Puppy Cut!

Since summer is fast approaching, Mommy and Daddy decided to have my hair trimmed. Mommy was a bit hesitant in having my hair cut short as she loves my long hair, but Daddy wants it otherwise. I guess Daddy won this time 😉

I actually love it!


That’s ok Mommy, it will be easier for you to dry me up when we hit the beach once again this summer and it will grow longer in no time.

Haircut c/o Dogs and the City, Burgos Circle

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